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Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962)


                                   History of Merced County

                                   Find-A-Grave  Merced County.

                                              Message Board (Queries) Merced County Genealogical Society

                                  Message Board (Queries) Merced County

                                  Merced County Library, List of newspapers on micro-film

                                  Merced County Cemeteries {up dated}

                                              Merced County Assessment Roll 1857, contributed by: Carol Lackey

                                  Members of La Grange Lodge No. 99 (1882) contributed by; Pam Storm & Ron Filion

                                              Merced County Landmarks   

                                               National Register of Historic Places

                                               USGS Topographic Map

                                               USGS Mapping Information: Geographic Names Information (GNIS

                                               Index to Federal Land Records - Merced County

                                                Old Occupations  contributed by: Carol Lackey

                                               Disease Chart (Old Names) contributed by: Carol Lackey

                                               Pre-1905 CA-Death Index

                                              CA Indexes ~ Birth 1905-1995~Marriage 1949-59-1960-85~Death 1905-2000.

                                               CA Death Index 1940-97

                                               Merced Co. Death Index (Certificate locater, Book & Page No.)

                                              Social Security Death Index


                                                1850 Federal Census of Mariposa County), contributed by Steven Williams 

                                               1870 Merced County Federal Census

                                               1880 Federal Census (LDS Family Search)

                                               1930 Census Enumeration Dist. Merced Co.

                                               CA. Population of Counties by Decennial Census 1900-1990

                                               County of Merced - Official Website

                                   Winton Families & More, Lorraine Richards blog spot

                                   Winton Historical Society's photostream: Winton Cemetery headstone pictures/ more will be added monthly.

                                   DAR - Merced River Chapter, Merced, CA

                                               Merced County Public Library (Some obituaries indexed)

                                               Merced County Historical Society (Courthouse Museum)

                                               Merced County Genealogical Society (M.C.G.S.)

                                               Gustine Historical Society

                                   Los Banos Genealogy Society

                                               Merced Sun Star (Newspaper online)

                                               Los Banos Enterprise (Newspaper online)

                                               California Newspapers (on-line)

                                               Obituary Daily Times (The Obituary Daily Times is a daily index of published obituaries)      



                                               California State Library                       

                                               California Public Libraries                                            

                                               California Vital Records

                                               California Pioneer Project

                                               Calisphere - University of California Primary Source Archives

                                               Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet 

                                               Linkpendium Merced County/Genealogy and Family History  

                                               Death Records On The Pacific Coast-1872 (Overland Monthly-CA, NV, OR, WA)

                                               Marriage Records On The Pacific Coast-1872 (Overland Monthly-CA, NV, OR, WA)

                                               Notaries Public 1886-1909 Searchable Database-All CA Counties, contributed by Nancy Pratt Melton

                                               The Western Shore Gazetteer and Commercial Directory: Transcribed by Peggy B. Perazzo

                                               CA Civil War Rosters (War of the Rebellion, 1861 to 1867 by Brig.-Gen. Richard H. Orton, pub. 1890

                                               Argonauts Of California -Pioneer Assns. & 1849 Passenger Lists (by C. W. Haskins 1890

                                               CA State Officials Biographies 1911, Contributed by Natalie Huntley

                                               Yosemite Valley Railroad  (Y.V.R.R.), Clayton Guest 

                                           Books for Sale

                                 Merced Co. Genealogical Society.

                                Delayed Births, 1850 Mariposa County Fed Census, 1890 Merced County List of Reg. Voters, 1855-1915 Merced County Marriages,

                                           1861-1949 Early Merced County Naturalization Records, 1883-1918 Merced County Coroners Book,

                                           1877-1896 Merced County Funeral Book,  Winton Cemetery, Plainsburg Cemetery, Snelling Cemetery.

                                           Merced County  Birth Records,  Death Records & Los Banos Cemetery : Los Banos Genealogical Society                                                                                                                                          

                                           Gleanings From The Merced County Newspapers (Vitals), by: Thomas Hilk

                                          Merced County ~Biographies~Stories~Obituaries~Photos 

                                               Merced County Biographies

                                   Old Merced County News Articles

                                               Stories of Days Gone By

                                    Merced Co. Obituaries

                                    Old Photos of Merced Co.

                                    Sesquicentennial Parade Photo's

                                   World War II Casualties Army & Air Force, Merced County

                                   Indexing: Obituaries of individuals born in Merced Co., CA.

                                            Merced Co. Genealogist Family Web-Sites   

                                                Abell, Peak, Spears & Lathrop Photo Gallery

                                                Don Fitchett's Genealogy Page


                                              Genealogy Groups

                              Portuguese Genealogy Group (Research of genealogy relating to the Azores, Madera and the continent of Portugal)

                              Azore Genealogy Group ( Genealogical interest in the Azores. To help the Portuguese researcher)

                                           Pioneer Family Stories

                                               Crossing The Plains in 1856, by; Frances Helm McClure

                                                Interview with Helen Osterhaut about Leora & Arthur Helm; contributed by Carol Lackey

                                                Allen Helm Sr., Last Will & Testament, contributed by; Carol Lackey

                                                Nicholas Turner's First Wagon Trip To California in 1849, contributed by: Carol Lackey

                                                Nicholas Turner's Last trip west in 1857, contributed by; Carol Lackey

                                                Pioneers of the Golden State ~ McClure Family, contributed by; Carol Lackey

                                               The Central Hotel of Merced 1879~1999 by; John Edward Powell

                                               The Pioneer Adair Family of Merced & Mariposa

                                               Migrant Mother; written by; Roger Sprague (grandson)


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