Transcribed by Craig A Hahn


ALEXANDER GREIVE, whose handsome residence is conspicuously prominent on YoSemite avenue, Madera, was born in Hawick, Scotland, in 1852. In his boyhood he was connected with sheep-raising, and when he came to California in 1873 he very naturally fell into the same line of business. During the first four years he was employed upon sheep ranches in Merced County, and in 1877 he started out for himself in a very modest way, by purchasing 450 sheep and renting for one year a band of 3,579. Also in partnership with A. Beatti, they rented 1,800 more sheep, and thus they secured a fair start. They remained in partnership about five years, when the sheep were divided and Beatti drove his to Texas, while Mr. Greive went to Fresno County and purchased 5,900 acres of land of the Bank of California. In a few months he sold the ranch at a fair profit, and since has been a renter of from 10,000 to 15,000 acres, keeping an average band of 6,000 sheep, which he raises for both mutton and wool, being of fine grade sheep.


     Mr. Greive was married in Merced County, in 1881, to Miss Mary C. Dugan, a native of Massachusetts. Her father came to California in 1858, was a large land-holder in Merced County, and was one of the first farmers on Bear creek. Mr. Greive built his handsome residence in Madera in the fall of 1886, upon his five-acre ranch, mainly improved in alfalfa, trees and a well-kept lawn about his house. Mr. and Mrs. Greive have six children; David George, Nellie T., Alexander A., James Garfield, Michael J., and Annie Dugan. Mr. Greive is a member of Madera Lodge, No. 327, I. O. O. F., and of Yo Semite Lodge, No. 30, K. of P., at Merced.


Memorial and Biographical History of the counties of Fresno, Tulare and Kern, California

Chicago, The Lewis Publishing Company, 1892

p. 504