George P. Kelsey


GEORGE P. KELSEY, Ph. B., was born in Merced county, California, in 1855. His father, Erastus Kelsey, was the first Surveyor of Merced county; he was one of the pioneers of 1849, and engaged in mining until 1850, when he returned to the East. Two years later he came by way of Panama a second time, seeking his fortune in the Golden State; for several years he was extensively engaged in farming near Merced Falls, and in 1883 he removed to Oakland, where he now resides. His children are: Charles, George P., Horace G. and Arthur L.; the last three are graduates of the State University. George P. Kelsey entered the University in 1874, and was graduated in 1879 with the degree of Ph. B. After completing the course of study laid down by this institution, he taught for six months. Having taken a through course in civil engineering, he entered the employ of the railroad company and served in the capacity of civil engineer until he was nominated county Surveyor of Merced county by the Republican party in 1882.

For several years past Mr. Kelsey has been engaged in the cultivation of 8,400 acres of land near Merced Falls; a portion of this is in grain, and the balance is fine pasture land.

In 1885 he was united in marriage to Miss Fannie Overstreet, who was born and reared in the city of San Francisco. They are the parents of three children: Dora, Gracie and Lillie. 

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