Whoever labors to secure the development of his country, striving to bring out its latent resources and devoted to the general welfare of the people, he it is that earns a place as a public benefactor and is entitled to mention in the pages of history. Of such may be chronicled the name of L. F. Arnold, who owns, cultivates and lives on his fruit ranch of thirty acres two and three-quarters miles southwest of Winton. He was born at Pittsburgh, Pa., on September 12, 1877, a son of Laurence A. and Margaret (Mertz) Arnold. His father was born in Germany and came to Pennsylvania, where he married Margaret Mertz and became a truck farmer. They reared a family of ten children, and both died aged seventy-two years.

L. F. Arnold was the third of his father's family of ten children. He grew up and attended the public schools and worked on his father's farm at Beaver Falls, Pa. He took a commercial course in a business college and was bookkeeper in a Pittsburgh grocery house. Mr. Arnold came to California in 1903, and to Fruitland precinct in 1909, after six years spent in San Francisco. He moved out to his present ranch in 1910. It is an excellent fruit ranch with a comfortable country house and was once a portion of the Crocker-Huffman holdings.

In 1907 L. F. Arnold was married to Miss Clara Steiner, one of the three daughters of John and Phoebe (Grismore) Steiner. She was born and grew up at Bluflton, Ohio, where her father was a carpenter and builder. He died eighteen years ago. Her mother is still living at Merced. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold have five children, as follows: Paul I., in the high school; May P., in the grammar school; and Frank S., Howard C, and Ruth E. Mr. Arnold and his good wife take an active interest in public affairs. He has served as election judge, on the school board and on the Fruitland Center of the Merced County Farm Bureau and is now president of the latter bureau. For many years he served as president of the Arena branch of the National Farm Loan Association. He is a director of the Atwater Fruit Exchange.

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History of Merced County, California: with a biographical review of the leading men and women of the county who have been identified with its growth and development from the early days to the present.
By John Outcalt
Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, California (1925)