Joseph T. McInerny

J. T. McInerney, Merced Postmaster, was born here on February 11, 1887, the son of Timothy Patrick and Mary A. McInerney. His parents were early settlers in Merced, coming here from Chicago in 1880, his father having recently lost his business in the Chicago fire. Timothy McInerney’s sister had preceded him to Merced, and was conducting a dry goods store here and he joined her in this business, subsequently buying her out.

J. T. McInerney attended grammar and high school in Merced, and engaged with his father in the dry goods business as a young man. They continued together until 1928. He then went to Oakland and for three years was with Capwell’s Department Store, and then returned to Merced.

He was appointed Postmaster by President Roosevelt in January 1934 and since this time has capably fulfilled his responsible duties of this official position. The post office now has thirty employees, including the clerks and letter carriers. The imposing federal building, housing the post office and other offices, was completed in 1933. McInerney has been a lifelong Democrat as was his father before him.

Miss Margaret Smith, who was born in San Francisco, became the bride of McInerny, their marriage-taking place in Alameda. They have two children: John and Patricia.

Mr. McInerny served as President of the California Chapter of the National Association of Postmasters in 1938 and 1939. His favorite sports are baseball and football.

Mr. McInerny’s father died at the age of 90, his mother at 88.


History of Merced County
(Narrative & Biographical)
Author: Corwin Radcliffe
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Contributed by: Alma Stone