From the time of the establishment of the San Joaquin Valley Cement Pipe Company, Nettie H. Mayes has had charge of the financial end of the business and owns a third interest in the concern. This company owns and operates three factories, one at Chowchilla, established in 1917, one at Livingston, established in 1919, and one at Herndon, established in 1922. The firm is composed of S. Y. Mayes, the originator of the business, Nettie H. Mayes and John Baisa; they manufacture the guaranteed hi-test irrigation drainage and sewer pipe under their duly registered trade mark, "Hi-test," and the three factories have a combined capacity of one and a half miles of pipe per day. The sand used in the factories is washed-sand from Friant, Fresno County, and the cement comes from Davenport, Cal., and is known as Santa Cruz Portland cement.

Mrs. Mayes' maiden name was Nettie Hartzell and she was born at Waubeek, Iowa. She grew up in the Hawkeye State and was grad­uated from the State Teachers' College at Cedar Falls. She came to California in 1907 and for six years taught in the Wilson Grammar School at Pasadena. At Santa Ana, Cal., Miss Hartzell was married to S. Y. Mayes, born at Melrose, Texas. The third partner, John Baisa, was born in Texas and is of Spanish descent; he has charge of the factory at Livingston. Mr. and Mrs. Mayes reside at Chow­chilla, where they own the telephone building and other valuable pro­perty; they also own a lemon ranch in San Bernardino County, and property in Livingston and Herndon, besides a row of houses near their factory in Livingston, which are occupied by their employees.


History of Merced County California With a Biographical Review OF The Leading Men and Woman of the County Who Have Been Identified with Its Growth and Development from Early Days to the Present

Author: John Outcalt (1925)

Nettie H. Mayes, page 768

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