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It is a trite saying that "A rolling stone gathers no moss," but Antonio Padula had done a great deal of traveling in his day before he finally settled down as a pioneer in Los Banos. He was born in lower Italy, on November 10, 1858, the son of Vingenzio and Rosa (Poppala) Padula, both born and reared in Italy and both now deceased, dying in Los Banos, the mother in 1918, and the father in 1922; they were brought to this country by Antonio in 1895, and he cared for them until they died. While a mere lad Antonio went to Montevideo, S. A., at the age of nine and there he learned the shoemaker's trade, working for a time in a shoe factory. At the age of eighteen he went back to Italy to visit, and eighteen months later returned to South America. He once more returned to his native land and while there was married, then he was in Panama and other Central American countries, but not to make a permanent home. Again returning to Italy he spent two years, and next set out for America and California, where he arrived in 1888 when Los Banos was but a small village, and he worked for a Mr. Davis, also for a Mr. Leonard. He left his wife and daughter in Italy and after he had secured a job with Miller and Lux as a harness maker his wife and daughter joined him in 1892. Finally he had saved money enough to go into business for himself as a shoemaker, harness repairer and general leather worker and carried on a good business in Los Banos for several years. In 1895 he made a trip back to Italy after his parents, who thereafter made their home with him here. He has been successful and owns a thirty-two acre alfalfa ranch; built and owns the Buick garage and other business blocks on I Street besides a number of houses and lots in Los Banos, and property in Italy.

On May 26, 1884, Antonio Padula and Teresa Ciuffa were married in Italy, where his wife was born, and they have the following children: Rosie, wife of L. Emberlee and mother of Teresa and Antonio Emberlee; Camilla, wife of John Emberlee has two children, Rosa and Antonio; James L., of Dos Palos married and has a daughter, Maryln; Marie, the wife of L. Puccinelli, has two daughters, Eunice and Fiorina; Flora, married Antone Toscano and lives with her parents. In November, 1895, Mr. Padula became an American citizen and votes with the Republicans. He was one of the founders, in February, 1901, of the Foresters of America Lodge No. 178 and was the first Chief Ranger. He has been a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows since 1898. He has always tried to do his share to help build up Los Banos and can be counted upon to advance the interests of the entire county when matters of importance come up. He is well-liked and highly respected by all who know him.

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