All praise is due men from foreign shores who have come to this country, and, by dint of unremitting industry and strict frugality, have built up a competence for themselves and their families, educating their children to be an asset to any community, and who uphold the principles and aims of their adopted land. Among these must be mentioned F. C.' Rusconi, of Merced County. He was born in Canton Ticino, Switzerland, on February 20, 1870. Com­ing to California when a young man, in 1883, he located for a time in Napa County, then went to the Santa Maria Valley, and there spent twenty-two years in the dairy business at Guadalupe, working early and late, the hardest kind of work, and making his work count for something, in that he saved the proceeds for future investment.


In 1917, Mr. Rusconi went to Sanger, Fresno County, where his brother, Louis, is an extensive land owner and pioneer raisin grower. He also owns the 400-acre Meadow Brook Ranch, two miles from Merced, in the Franklin District. In 1921, F. C. Rusconi moved onto the property and had charge of operations as gen­eral superintendent of the vineyard and alfalfa, carrying on development work on a large scale. The brothers, Louis and F. C., owned and were developing 800 acres on the Merced River, fifteen miles from Merced. In 1925, F. C. acquired the latter property known as the Barfield ranch; he is developing a large acreage to vineyards, the land being well adapted to raising grapes, and in doing so has added materially to the value of land in this section of California, for his work is a demonstration of what can be accomplished along horticultural lines when the right spirit is behind the enterprise.

The second marriage of Mr. Rusconi, which occurred April 29; 1905, at San Luis Obispo, united him with Miss Josephine Tognazzini, who was born in Melbourne, Australia, the daughter of Noah and Mary (Zanolli) Tognazzini, ranchers of that country. She came to California when two years old, with her parents. F. C. Rusconi's brother, Victor, is a successful dairyman of Napa County, and Philip is in Santa Maria, Cal.; and he has two sisters in Cal­ifornia, also. Both of his parents are deceased. Mrs. Rusconi's father died at the age of sixty-three; her mother is still living, at Guadalupe, Cal. Seven children have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Rusconi : Theodore, Christine, Wilfred, Lelola, Vivian, Eugene, and Irma, all natives of the Santa Maria Valley, Santa Barbara County. By his first marriage he has a daughter, Mrs. Mamie Caroni, of Guadalupe. Fraternally, Mr. Rusconi is a member of San Luis Obispo Lodge No. 322, B. P. O. E., and in all ways he is a man of worth, ready to do his share in promoting the further pro­gress of his county and state, and with unbounded faith in the future of the fruit industry and the opportunities offered land owners in Merced County.


History of Merced County California With a Biographical Review OF The Leading Men and Woman of the County Who Have Been Identified with Its Growth and Development from Early Days to the Present

Author: John Outcalt (1925)

Fulgenzio C. Rusconi, page 774

Contributed by: Carol Lackey