As proprietor of Sischo's Garage of Los Banos, Lorenzo A. Sischo has established himself on a firm basis in Merced County. He first came to the West Side as a duck hunter, which vocation he fol­lowed very successfully for several years, until he decided that he could find better opportunities for advancement here than in any other place he had seen. He was born in the Puget Sound country, at what was called Sischo's Cove on Henderson Bay, Wash­ington, on October 10, 1884, and was the first white child to be born in that locality. His education was obtained in the public schools of Washington, which he supplemented by studying law in Tacoma. In February, 1902 we find him in Los Angeles looking for employment, and not finding anything satisfactory he went out to the E. J. ("Lucky") Baldwin ranch in the country and went to work as a ranch hand.


That same year Mr. Sischo drove a team of horses to Los Banos on a duck-hunting expedition and upon his arrival on the West Side he found more than a hundred men engaged in hunting ducks for the markets in the State. Being a good shot and noting the success made by the other men, he decided he would cast in his lot and therefore he equipped himself for the business and continued in that line of work for twelve years. He not only did a thriving busi­ness in supplying ducks for the market, but he studied the scientific side of the game and furnished the Academy of Science with various specimens of birds' eggs, and made a business of capturing wild geese alive and shipping them to various parts of the United States, one shipment consisting of 352 birds. He furnished the New York Zoo with many specimens. In hunting he used the largest bore shot­gun made, a No. 2 gauge. After following the business for a time he was humane enough to see that some restriction must be put on the wholesale killing of wild game and he assisted in organizing the People's Fish and Game Protective Association in San Francisco for conserving wild game for all the people instead of the favored few, and he was one of its first directors. In November 1918 he engaged in his present business with a capital of $9.45, and from this small beginning he has developed a business until at one time he had four garages, three in Los Banos and one in Gustine. Disposing of his various places he moved into the new and modern garage that had been built for his use in 1920. He now has one of the most modern and thoroughly equipped garages in the valley. He is the local agent for the Dodge Brothers automobile, also handles various makes of tires and does a large battery service business and is meet­ing with success.

When Mr. Sischo came to marry he chose one of Merced Coun­ty's native daughters, Miss Kate Pedroni, born at Volta, and they have a daughter Dorothy. Mr. Sischo was elected justice of the peace of Los Banos and served from 1908 to 1913. He is public spirited and does what he can towards promoting the best interests of his adopted town and county.


History of Merced County California With a Biographical Review OF The Leading Men and Woman of the County Who Have Been Identified with Its Growth and Development from Early Days to the Present

Author: John Outcalt (1925)

Lorenzo A. Sischo, page: 757

Contributed by: Carol Lackey