Andrew Reedy and Theresa Herbeck


Contributed by: Carol Lackey


Andrew Reedy, the older son of the former Stanislaus County Treasurer John Reed, had perhaps the most colorful life of any of the Reedy children. He was a stage coach driver and according to the Modesto Evening News of September 7, 1888 was the proprietor of the stage lines connecting Coulterville with Modesto and Merced. He married Theresa Herbeck, the daughter of another California pioneer, in Stockton in San Joaquin County, California on November 14, 1881. In a January 1960 interview with a reporter from the Stockton Record, Theresa, then 97, told of her marriage at age 19 to the driver of the Coulterville stage:

..........In a few years she had three sons and a daughter. Once her husband foiled a gang of stage robbers by whipping up his team and out-distancing them.
Then, a little later, tragedy struck. 'A neighbor girl started to fix a noon meal and used kerosene to light a fire in the stove,' Mrs. Reedy told me.
'A fire blazed up and set fire to the cloth ceiling of her kitchen. The fire spread until every house in Coulterville burned. I was left with empty hands and the clothes on my back' she recalled.
Her children were from 2 to 9 years of age. Her husband had left to seek his fortune in another part of the state. She never saw him again..............

Theresa's memory at age 97 must be doubted since she identified her husband as John Reedy and her granddaughter Dorothy Baim as a niece. Her statement that she was abandoned with four small children may have been slanted to generate sympathy from the reporter. However, according to Andrew's death certificate, he was divorced when he died. His obituary appeared on page 1 of the Modesto Evening News on Monday, October 7, 1907:

Andrew Reedy Dies Suddenly at Merced

Andrew J. Reedy, the older son of the late ex-treasurer and county clerk, John Reed (sic), of LaGrange, died at Merced early Saturday night, after a few weeks illness. He had become ill in the Yosemite Valley, where he had been driving the stage from the road to the valley, and had gone to Merced to take treatment. He was taken to the hospital Saturday morning and died there that night.
Mr. Reedy was forty-nine years of age. He is survived by three sons and one daughter. The daughter and younger son now live at Coulterville. One son, Clarence, lives at LaGrange, while his other son, Stanley Reedy, is a resident of Modesto. Mr. Reedy was born at La Grange as was his sister, Mrs. John Dunn, of this city, and a brother John Reedy, of San Francisco.
Mr. Reedy came down from the city today, with his wife, to attend the funeral, which will be held at La Grange at 11 o'clock tomorrow. The remains will be laid to rest in the cemetery at La Grange.

Since his residence was Coulterville at the time of his death it cannot be said he had moved to another part of the state and was never seen again!

Andrew and Theresa Reedy's descendants are:

Clarence Desmond Reedy, born 7 March 1885 La Grange, CA, married Helena Bessie Kephart, died 30 January 1948 Modesto, CA.
Dorothy Reedy, birthdate unknown, married Elmer D. Baim, resides Modesto, CA
Donald G. Baim resides Modesto, CA
Linda A. Baim
Mildred Hazel Reedy, b. 22 September 1911 married first to Holmes then Aitken.

Stanley Ralph Reedy, born 30 December 1886 married Corinne R. surname unknown, died 10 January 1950 San Francisco, CA.

Arthur Franklin Reedy, born 22 April 1891 married Irene M. Peterson, died 6 July 1972, San Francisco, CA.

Margaret Reedy, birth date unknown, married to Will Ellis, last known residence Exeter, CA.
William Ellis, birthday unknown, resides Exeter, CA