MAHON, Rev. W. J.
Merced Express, October 29, 1904

Death of Rev. W. J. Mahon.

Rev. W. J. Mahon died at his home of his son, Superior Judge Mahon, in
this city yesterday morning after an illness covering several weeks. He
was 88 years old and for some years had been growing quite feeble. He
had retired from the active work of the ministry and the only occasion
on which he had attempted to perform any duties for years was last May
when he officiated at the marriage of his granddaughter, Miss Rachael
Scates and Mr. Edgar Wassem. He then showed the effects of old age. Some
weeks ago he become ill and was obliged to take to his bed and slowly
but steadily sank to his end.

William Jackson Mahon was born in North Carolina October 23, 1816, and
was therefore exactly 88 years of age on the day of his death. He
studied for the ministry in the Methodist Church (South) and was
ordained in 1846. When the Civil war broke out he espoused the cause of
the Confederacy and entered the army as a chaplain, in which capacity he
served throughout the entire war under General Kirby Smith.

After the war he returned to the peaceful work of the ministry and after
several years he came to California in 1874 to become pastor of a
Methodist Episcopal Church in San Francisco. For twelve years he was
presiding elder of the California conference until he was retired on
account of his advanced age, since which time he made his home in
Bakersfield with his two sons who reside in this city.

He leaves four children, Hon. J. W. Moahon, Superior Judge of Kern
county, Hon. Kirby S. Mahon, Superior Judge of Sutter County, S. W.
Mahon, city recorder of Bakersfield, and Mis. Easton of San Francisco.
–Bakersfield Californian, Oct. 24th.