Merced County Cemeteries

                                   Los Banos District  16575 Center Ave., Los Banos, CA 963635 (209) 826-0882

                                   Dos Palos District 1800 Elgin Ave., Dos Palos, CA 93620 (209) 392-2698                                                                                   

                                   Merced District Cemeteries 1300 B. St., Merced, CA 95340 (209) 383-4111  

                                   Asphodel, Knights of Pythias, IOOF, Masonic Cemeteries.  (Merced Dist. Cemetery)

                                   Old Asphodel Cemetery, headstone photos. {work in progress}

                                   Calvary Cemetery (Part of Merced Dist. Cemeteries)

                                   Evergreen Memorial Park 1480 B. St., Merced, CA 95340 (209) 383-4651

                                   Plainsburg/Turner-Helm Cemeteries 8943 E. Gillette Rd., Le Grand, CA 95333 (209) 389-4389

                                   Winton District Cemetery 7651 Almond Ave., Winton, CA 95388 (209) 358-3703  

                                             Off site link to the Winton Dist. Cemetery. Photos taken by Lorraine Richards.

                                  Hilmar District Cemetery (North) Tegner Rd. N. of American Ave., Hilmar, CA. (209) 634-7655  

                                  Hilmar District Cemetery (South) Tegner Rd. S. of Crane Ave., Hilmar, CA. (209) 634-7655  

                                  South Hilmar Headstone transcription and photo's of Hilmar (South) courtesy of Hereld Stuart. 

                                  Stevinson Ranch Cemetery (Private) (List of burials, Off site) Stevinson, CA.  Private Property

                                  Stevinson Sunnyside Cemetery, 2872 Cemetery Rd., Stevinson, CA 95374, (209) 668-7029

                                   Snelling  Cemetery Partial list of burial's)  , Merced Falls Rd., Snelling, CA. (No office on site)

                                    Snelling Ranch Cemetery (Partial list of burial's)  La Grange Rd., Snelling, CA

                                   Snelling Ranch Cemetery, Restored by:  Merced Co. Sheriff's Dept. ~2005~)

                                   Hopeton Cemetery, Hopeton, CA. ((Partial list of burial's) Off_Site_Link)

                                   San Joaquin Valley National  Cemetery 32053 West McCabe Rd, Gustine, CA 95322

                                   Yeiser Cemetery (Private) (Partial list of burial's), Snelling, CA

                                    Cottonwood Cemetery (Partial listing), Cottonwood Dist, Gustine, CA.

                                            Find-A-Grave (Merced County Cemeteries) off site

                                   Will do lookups in the following books I own:

                                    Dos Palos Cemetery

                                    Snelling Cemetery

                                    Plainsburg Cemetery

                                    Winton Cemetery



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