Merced Evening Sun
Aug. 21, 1903


Aged Bernard Labarth Shot in the Back and Killed Near Snelling

Bernard Labrath, a Frenchman 64 years old and a resident of the Snelling neighborhood, met death Saturday evening in a very mysterious manner, and as a result all the forces at the command of Sheriff Swan are probing at the mystery.

Labarth lived at the Fitzhugh place a few miles east of Snelling. He leaves a wife, two sons and two daughters. Saturday evening he was at work fixing a fence in a ravine near Peter Plunkett's place, a mile and a half from Snelling. A little girl about 75 yard away heard voices, then heard a shot fired. She was frightened and ran to the Plunkett residence and told what she had heard. A few moments later Mr. Plunkett found Labarth lying face down in a pool of blood. He went to Snelling and notified the authorities, who removed the body to town.


Transcribed by: Alma Stone