Reno Evening Gazette
Wednesday, June 1, 1910
Page: 14
 Henry Fulgham stock foreman on the Hardin ranches in Quinn River valley, arrived in town Friday from the pace in charge of 2000 head of cattle for shipment. The animals were previously purchased by Miller & Lux and 20 carloads were shipped Saturday to the company's ranch at Los Banos, Ca. The remaining 33 carloads were shipped Sunday to Wabus[ka] in the southern part of this state where they will be put on pasture before being shipped to the coast.
 Mr. Fulgham has been cattle foreman on the Hardin ranches for 20 years. He states that the new owners of this extensive estate will take possession on July 1st when this big property will be subdivided to be occupied by colonists from Utah. The Hardin property is one of the largest ranch holdings in the northern part of Nevada, with many valuable water rights that are capable of irrigating thousands of agricultural land.
 The advent of settlers on this extensive tract means a great deal to that already prosperous section for what was mostly hay and pasture land, will be subdivided into beautiful farms on which almost everything in the agricultural line can be cultivated. Not only is the land very fertile and favorable for farming purposes but the soil and climate are well adapted for the raising of fruit as well. With the plans that are now in progress and the many families that the land is capable of supporting the population of Humboldt county will be greatly increased.  -- Humboldt Star. 

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