Merced Evening Sun
May 2, 1903


F. G. Poor, Aged Citizen of Plainsburg, Ends Life With a Revolver.

Word was received here yesterday to the effect that during the afternoon F. G. Poor, an aged and respected citizen of Plainsburg, had taken his life.

Mr. Poor has suffered with miserable health for some years past, and financial reverses also tended to add to his distress, These are the reasons assigned for his desire to quit this life. Several times previous to yesterday he had threatened to destroy himself, and on one occasion he displayed a revolver and saying he intended to kill himself, went out behind his barn and fired the pistol into the air. His family ran out and found him unharmed.
Therefore when he said yesterday he intended to do away with himself his words were not taken seriously. He went to the little blacksmith shop about a hundred yards from his residence, laid down flat on his back and sent a bullet crashing through his head from temple to temple. His wife and children hearing the report, ran to the blacksmith shop and found him dead, with his arms folded over his breast. Death had evidently been instantaneous.

Coroner Nordgren was notified and took a jury to the scene of the suicide last night and held an inquest, at which the facts recited above were developed.

Flourney Gustin Poor was born in Kentucky 71 years ago. He came to California when a young man and resided on Bear Creek, above the present site of Merced, for some years. Later he farmed on the Merced river for some time, then moved to the vicinity of Plainsburg, where he has farmed ever since. He was justice of the peace of that judicial township for a few terms. Mr. Poor was twice married. he leaves a wife and several children. He was well known as a good man and a good citizen to whom all had the utmost confidence.

The funeral will be held from the family residence near Plainsburg at two o'clock tomorrow afternoon, under the auspices of the Masonic order, of which deceased was a member.

Transcribed by: Alma Stone