Merced Express, July 15, 1905

C. H. Huffman's Will.

The will of the late C. H. Huffman, who lived at 2100 Broadway, has been filed for probate by the wife and executrix, Laura A. E. Huffman. The estate being community property, one half is left to the wife, to his daughter, Alice H. Marks, is left $2500, to his son, Milton S. Huffman, is left $10,000. The daughter-in-law Helen M. Huffman, gets $2500. Two nieces, Laura I. and Estelle E. Weisheimer, are given $500 each. Two nephews, David McCord Johnson and Irwin Higgins of New Orleans, also a niece, Hannah Johnson, are left $250 each.

To the daughter, Alice H. Marks, is left the property at the corner of Shrader and Frederick streets, during her lifetime, and is then to revert to the wife of deceased or her heirs.

To the wife's niece, Mrs. J. H. Temple, is given $250.

All the rest and residue of the estate is left to the wife should she be living, or if not, then it is to be divided among the seven children of the deceased, Laura Caroline, Estelle Mercedes, Edith Genevieve Huffman, Mary Emma White and Fred H., Edwin T. A. and Walton J. Huffman.
                                                                                                                                                                      ;           –Bulletin.

Contributed by Thomas Hilk