Married November 15, 1879 Mariposa Gazette:

RODUNER- ARTHUR- At Hornitos, Mariposa County, November 7th, 1879, at the residence of the brides parents, by S.W. CARR, Justice of the Peace, John A. RODUNER to Miss Harriet ARTHUR.

RODUNER/ARTHUR marriage Nov 15,1879 Mariposa Gazette
From Hornitos. Hornitos , November 6, 1879. Editor Gazette: The marriage of Miss ARTHUR, the beautiful and amiable daughter of our well known citizen Bob ARTHUR, the blacksmith, to Mr. J. RODUNER, of Merced county, caused a great flutter of excitement in our quiet camp today. The bride being a very popular young lady, the whole neighborhood turned out to give her a first-class "send off." The display of costly presents showed the high estimation in which the young lady was held by her friends. Mr. RODUNER, the happy bridegroom is a fine looking young man with a most enviable reputation, beloved by all who know him, and with integrity and energy enough to ensure him bright success in the future. The brides parents must feel great satisfaction, even amid the sorrow of parting with so lovely a daughter, that she has passed into such worthy hands. The bridescake, a present from a old friend, was a most artistic structure, which rivaled all former bridescakes that have appeared in this section, and was only a little less in size than the Capitol at Washington! Bob ARTHUR did his best to console the guest for the loss of their favorite by a unlimited supply of the finest champagne. This did prove to be some consolation for some men who had not tasted liquor for years were known to indulge to the extent of several glasses. After a great deal of kissing (in which we had a share) and handshaking, the happy twain left in a buggy, amid a shower of the most superannuated ( and therefore lucky) boots and shoes for their new home, with the best wishes of this whole community for their future success and happiness.

Contributed by: Carol Lackey