Merced Sun-Star, Wednesday, February 29, 1928
Chicago Branch Firm Will Open Store In City
Flynn Building on Seventeenth is Taken For Five Years.
To Be Finest in Valley After Alterations, Says Announcement.
Montgomery Ward & Co. of Chicago has signed a five year lease for the store building at 645 Seventeenth, owned by J.R. and W.J. Flynn and expect to be in possession of the building soon after April 1.
Extensive alterations which are transforming the building formerly occupied by the Gateway garage into a modern store room started last week.  J.R. Flynn said today that four shifts of men were at work in the structure in an effort to have it ready for occupancy as soon after April 1 as possible.
The building of a mezzanine floor across the back of the store room, practically making a two story building is the most notable alteration.  It will give the store much the appearance of the J.C. Penney Company here.
To accommodate the mezzanine floor, the roof is being raised five feet.  The front of the structure is to be torn out for plate glass show windows and a marquee will run across the entire front.
The interior will have a maple floor covering 12,000 square feet.  Decorations will follow the standard Montgomery Ward plan of buff ceilings and walls with fixtures and panels of mahogany.
"It will be the finest Montgomery Ward store in the valley." Mr. Flynn said today.  Others were remodeled for them, but this is being built practically new in complete accordance with their wishes.  The negotiations were conducted by Emmett McNamara of McNamara & Co.
The store is expected to carry a full stock of hardware, dry goods, automobile accessories and furniture.  A representative of the company here yesterday said that the stock in the Modesto and Hanford stores was being constantly increased, and the same will be done here as the business warrants.
The Montgomery Ward company will occupy 50 feet of the building and the remaining 25 will be occupied by C.C. McCormick and R.C. Doane for a cigar stand and a soda fountain.

Contributed by: Lorraine Richards