Merced Evening Sun
January 15, 1900


Meeting Held and Enterprise Launched - It Will Beautify the City

A meeting was held yesterday at K. P. hall of representatives from the various lodges in town for the purpose of taking the initial steps toward the building of an avenue from Merced to the cemeteries. Organizations was perfected by the election of F. A. Robinson chairman and R. A. Meehan secretary. After D. K. Stoddard stated the object of the meeting which he said was to beautify an avenue from the city of Merced to the cemeteries by setting out trees, a motion was made and carried that it was the sense of the meeting that such on avenue should be provided. E. T. Dixon moved that the members of the different lodges who were present report to their organizations and have a committee in planting trees on the avenue decided upon, and that said committee meet January 28th at 3:30 p.m. Motion carried.
Mr. Ostrander moved that a committee of three be appointed to investigate the cost of trees, and Messrs. Ostrander, Dixon and Mrs. Geo. Powell were thereupon selected to act as that committee.


Transcribed by Alma Stone