Merced Sun Star
Feb. 12, 1935


Four Generations

At Mercy Hospital this morning a daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Roy of Livingston. This wee girl is the great-granddaughter of Lillie F. Turner, daughter of M. F. Turner and granddaughter of Nicholas Turner, who was captain of the Turner-Helm covered wagon train which, came from Missouri to furnish the first settlers on Mariposa creek. Lillie Turner married E. W. Hamlett, veteran stage driver from Le Grand to Mariposa. Their daughter is Mrs. E. G. (Mayme) Adams of Livingston, wife of the publisher of the Livingston Chronicle to who she married in 1911 while Adams worked on the Evening Sun in Merced. Both their children were born in Merced, the second child, Udell, December 21, 1913. Udell married Edward T. Roy, and now the Mercy hospital baby comes gladden the family circle and make Bert Adams a grandfather, which seems incredible when we think of him as a sort of kid on the old Sun. It makes four generations all of whom were born and have continued to reside in Merced county.


Transcribed by: Alma Stone