Weekly Stockton Democrat
Stockton, San Joaquin Co., CA
March 1859

Sunday, 6 Mar 1859

SUPPOSED MURDERER ARRESTED -- A man named James WILCOX, who was in some way connected with the murderer of SNELLING at Snelling's Ranch, on the Merced, about a year since, has been arrested in San Francisco. The story of the connection of WILCOX in the affair is thus told by the S.F. 'Bulletin:'

It appears that at the time specified, E.P. BARCLAY, Wm. STEVENS and Jas. WILCOX, friends of EDWARDS, the murderer of William SNELLING, were transacting some business at the Sheriff's office in Snelling's. They were attacked and fired upon by Charles F. BLOODWORTH, Dr. J.W. GOODWIN and Benj. WHITE, who were friends of the murdered man. The fire was returned, and some 30 shots discharged -- taking effect upon BARCLAY and STEVENS, both of whom died almost instantly. While apparently in the agonies of death, BARCLAY raised himself and shot GOODWIN through the head, killing him instantly. GOODWIN had previously given BARCLAY his death wound. BLOODWORTH and WHITE were not injured, and WILCOX, an accomplice of EDWARDS, the murderer of SNELLING, escaped. This EDWARDS was hung not long since and the prisoner WILCOX is supposed to have been a party with him in many a bloody deed.

Transcribed by Dee Sardoch