[happenings of Merced Co.]

The Daily Union
Sacramento, Cal.
Monday, November 9, 1874

PAINFUL ACCIDENT - Monday morning last a man named Sidney DEAN, in the employ of John PERRY, met with a painful accident. At the time mentioned, while driving an eight-horse team across Bear creek bridge, the leaders became frightened and swerved to one side, pulling the wheel-horse. Dean was riding against the timbers of the bridge, bruising him severely about the head and throwing him from the saddle. In the fall both bones of the left leg between the knee and ankle were broken. Dr. WASHINGTON was summoned and set the injured member. The fracture is a bad one, the bones being badly splintered, but the doctor informs us that his patient is doing well and that the injured limb will be all right again. - [Merced Tribune, Nov. 7th

  Merced, Nov. 6 - Wife of Wm. FAHEY, a daughter
  Merced, Oct. 25 - Wife of _____ BECKERNEL, a daughter
  Merced, Oct. 30 - Wife of Norval DOUGLAS, a son
  Merced, Nev. 3 - Wife of Bart AHERN, a son

  McSwain's Ferry, Merced co., Oct. 23 - Mrs. McSWAIN, widow of the late
Elder Daniel McSwain, 80 years.
  Hornitas, Nov. 4 - Louis HADLICH, 52 years, 7 months and 20 days.

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