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History of Snelling, San Joaquin Valley Argus, June 18, 1870.;contributed by Thomas Hilk

Rad's Ramblings, Old Snelling cemetery, Merced Sun Star, April 18, 1939

California Pioneers, Merced Express, April 3, 1880.;contributed by Alma Stone

Six Skeletons Found, Merced Sun Star, Dec. 20, 1928.;contributed by Alma Stone

Death of Editor Harris, Senior Editor of the Merced Star, is Dead., Merced Express Jan. 15, 1897;contributed by Carol Lackey

MERCED CHINESE SECTION TENSE IN STATE TONG FIGHT, Merced Sun Star, Aug 18, 1934; contributed by Alma Stone

Old Timer's Names Listed, Merced Sun Star, Feb. 25, 1948, contributed by; Alma Stone

"Shoot-Out", from the book "Snelling", by: Jim McMilian, contributed by: Thomas Hilk.

Merced Inundated, Merced Express, Feb. 8, 1901; contributed by: Thomas Hilk

Railroad Deaths, Merced Express, Oct. 28, 1905; contributed by: Carol Lackey

Rev. W. J. Mahon, Death, Merced Express, Oct. 29, 1904; contributed by: Carol Lackey

The Chinese in Merced ~ 1885~ by: Robert J. Steele

Journeying, San Joaquin Valley Argus, Oct 2, 1875

James Tucker Killed, Mariposa Gazette, Mar. 2, 1901, contributed by: Carol Lackey

A Pioneer Anniversary, Mariposa Gazette Sept. 11, 1889, contributed by: Carol lackey

History of Construction of Yosemite Valley Railroad, Clayton J. Guest

Marriage of John Roduner & Harriet Arthur, Mariposa Gazette, Nov 15, 1879, contributed by: Carol Lackey

Drowning of Joshua McCloud, Mariposa Gazette, March 25, 1893, contributed by: Carol Lackey

Argument Over Hydrant Handle Fatal to Pair, Merced Sun Star July 12, 1927

Rad's Ramblings (Four Generations) Merced Sun Star Feb. 12, 1935

Rad's  Ramblings (James K. Hicks) Merced Sun Star Feb. 12, 1935

Rad's Ramblings (Montgomery Family) Merced Sun Star Feb. 13, 1935

Rad's Ramblings (Frank Fowler) Merced Sun Star Feb. 18, 1935

Rad's Ramblings (California Pottery Company), Merced Sun Star, June 4, 1930

Murder of William Snelling, Weekly Stockton Record Dec. 13, 1857, contributed by: Dee Sardoch

Supposed Murderer arrested (James Wilcox) Weekly Stockton Democrat, March 6, 1859, contributed by: Dee Sardoch

Horrible Murder at Snelling, Weekly Stockton Democrat Jan, 31, 1858, contributed by: Dee Sardoch

The Murderers of Frank Lane, Weekly Stockton Democrat, May 16, 1858, contributed by: Dee Sardoch

Hanging of Murderer of Frank Lane, Weekly Stockton Democrat, June 6, 1858, contributed by: Dee Sardoch

Rad's Ramblings (John Shine), Merced Sun Star, July 14, 1930

Rad's Ramblings (Mariposa in '62) Merced Sun Star, June 28, 1930

Rad's Ramblings, Merced Co.'s Seventh Birthday, Merced Sun Star, July 1, 1930

Rad's Ramblings, The Old Tuolumne, Merced Sun Star, July 3, 1930

Bernard Labarth (Murdered?), Merced Evening Sun, Aug. 31, 1903

A Merced Pioneer Commits Suicide, Merced Evening Sun, May 2, 1903

Odd Fellow and Rebekah Lodges (Installed), Merced Evening Sun Jan. 16, 1900

An Avenue To The Cemeteries (Part 1), Merced Evening Sun Jan. 15, 1900

An Avenue To The Cemeteries (Part 2), Merced Evening Sun Feb. 5, 1900

The Daily Union, Sacramento, [Happenings in Merced Co.,CA.} Nov. 9, 1874

 Merced Woman Ends Her Life (Mrs. Alma Champlin), Merced Sun Star, Jan. 28, 1922, contributed by: Carol Lackey

Big Tomato Acreage In Merced This Year, Merced Sun Star, Mar. 7, 1928, contributed by: Lorraine Richards

Montgomery Wards & Co. Will Open new Store in City., Merced Sun Star, Feb. 29, 1928, contributed by: Lorraine Richards

Rancher, Babe Die in Fire (O.C. Grove), Merced Sun Star, Dec. 3, 1928, contributed by William Rogers

LeGrand  Has Many Pioneers, Merced Express Feb. 16, 1950, contributed by: Carol Lackey

Murder Theory Is Studied By Henderson, Merced Sun Star, March 29, 1939

White - Huffman marriage, Merced Express Dec. 1898, contributed by Thomas Hilk

Capt. Huffman Engaged, Merced Express, Oct. 24, 1903, contributed by Thomas Hilk

Huffman's Wagon, Merced Express, Oct. 1, 1904, contributed by Thomas Hilk

Huffman Will, Merced Express, July 15, 1905, contributed by Thomas Hilk

Huffman Mansion Fire, Merced Express, Jan. 13, 1933, contributed by Thomas Hilk

Big Cattle Deal, Reno Evening Gazette, June 1, 1910, contributed by Alma

Human Skeletons, Merced Express June 10, 1932, contributed by Thomas Hilk

The Harvey House, Merced Sun Star, Jan. 25, 1986, contributed by Lorraine Richards

LeGrand Couple Will Fete Golden Jubilee, Fresno Bee Dec. 28, 1943

Gladys Helm Le Grand Bride, Fresno Bee Nov. 6, 1932

Kin of Wagon Immigrants Has Birthday, May 18, 1958

Le Grand News, June 3, 1924

Le Grand News, June 22, 1926

Miss Barbara Silman Weds., 1941

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