BARFIELD, Harriet Elizabeth

The Merced Herald

Snelling, Merced County, California

Saturday, June 12, 1869


On the Merced River, June 5th, Harriet Elizabeth Barfield, aged 8 years 7 months and 11 days, only daughter of Mrs. Margaret Barfield widow of the late Dr. Wm. J. Barfield.

"Mother I am going to leave thee,

Darling mother do not weep,

For birght angels wait to lull me

In that last, long sleep."

"Mother, I go to meet my papa,

Clasp me closer to your breast

Sing, sweet mother, for Im weary,

O ! so tired, let me rest."

She is gone, they beautiful one,

Death with his cold, relentless band

Has culled thy fairest flower,

To bloom in angel land.

Poor mother, tis hard to surrender.

To death, they gentle, fair one;

But, O ! In thy sorrow remember,

She blooms above the sun.

Contributed by: Thomas Hilk