OGDEN, William H.
Merced Express, December 31, 1904


OGDEN--At Los Banos, December___ 1904, William H. Ogden, a native of Iowa, aged 45 years.

NOTE: The paper that was filmed was very ragged on the edge so part of this vital could not be read.
OGDEN, Supervisor W. H.
Merced Express, December 31, 1904

From the Los Banos District Commits
Suicide by Shooting Himself
Through the Head.

At 3 o'clock Tuesday afternoon last when a telephone message came to this city from Los Banos announcing the suicide of Supervisor W. H. Ogden, surprised and shocked. The following press dispatch from Los Banos Tuesday tells the story:

"W. H. Ogden, a prominent citizen and supervisor for this district, shot himself through the top of his head early this morning. It was a pain case of premeditated suicide. Mr. Ogden had been in Merced for the past month attending the regular meeting of the board and also as a witness before the grand jury. He left Merced Saturday afternoon for a visit with his family at Watsonville, from whom he had been separated for two years. He returned to Los Banos last evening on the Owl train, which arrived at 9:13. Apparently he did not wish to be seen as nobody saw him after the train arrived and it is the general belief that he went right to his room in the annex at the Hotel Los Banos intending to kill himself, although he did not carry out his plan until 6:30 this morning. A quilt from the foot of his bed was placed on the floor directly in front of the mirror of the dresser. The mirror was placed at such an angle that when he lay on the floor he could see himself and avoid any chance of making a bad job. When found at 1:30 o'clock this after noon he was dressed as usual and by his side was found the 38 revolver. All the pictures on the dresser were turned and on the chair was a note to W. T. White, a life-long friend, in which he stated that the domestic affairs and ill health were the causes, and hoped that friends would forgive him for his rash act. He desired everything to be left for his family from his estate.

"Mr. Ogden was a member of the Woodmen and Odd Fellows, under which organizations his funeral was held. A gloom has been cast over the community in which Mr. Ogden has resided so long. He has been a resident in this district for 25 years and his untimely ending was a shock to all."

He was elected Supervisor from the Los Banos district first as a Populist, and two years ago was re-elected as a Democrat, having only served out half of his second term at the time of his death He was a man who was well liked and popular with a majority of those who knew him, especially those in his district. He was a pleasant and genial gentleman and his untimely death is very much regretted. The funeral took place from near Los Banos on Thursday afternoon and was largely attended. Billy, good bye! Good bye!


Contributed by: Thomas Hilk