The farm of Mr. & Mrs. R. Vergano, photo taken @ 1945. Location was the south west side of 800 block on 25th Street in Merced. The farm covered two city blocks, 800 & 900 blocks bounded by the A.T.& S. F Railroad, and 25th Streets and "O" and "Q" Streets.
Photos & information courtesy of Clayton J. Guest. Web site:

The AWS, Aircraft Warning System, tower  - 1944; where  "P" Street and  Applegate Park meet. This tower as were many other AWS sites were Manned by civilians volunteers to report aircraft flying in the area. (Trainers were exempted because of the Merced Army Flying School.) During World War II Merced still did not have dial telephones, so we would wait for an operator to say "number please," our reply was "Army Flash 29 Fred Five,"  the call would go to Fresno where they  were told the particulars about the airplane observed, direction of the craft.