March 2, 1901 Mariposa Gazette

                                      James TUCKER Killed.

     Robert McFARLAND has added another notch to his stick or pistol by killing James TUCKER in Merced. His record is now one of the State's brightest from a standpoint of notches on his pistol. His last victim, like himself, is known as a bad man and has simply found what all such characters are looking for. The killing according to the various newspaper reports occurred in Merced's tenderloin, both men were shooting, who commenced it will be for a jury to determine. But the chances are it was commenced by a mutual understanding, not spoken but understood between them, as bad blood is said to have existed for many years. McFARLANE's career has been a stormy one. His first real serious trouble happened in Merced when he killed a Portuguese in a dance house and wounded two more. For this offense he was turned loose by the court after the jury stood eleven for acquittal and one for conviction. Afterwards he was sent to San Quentin for two years for shooting at Billy WEBB. His previous record is what convicted him of this charge, as there was nothing to prevent his shooting WEBB had he so desired. He was in the Visalia Jail for attempted murder but broke jail with a man named McKINNEY. After over a year had passed he was found in New Mexico and brought back but never tried. His next most prominent act was to kill a Mexican in New Mexico in a gun fight. For this he was sent to the penitentiary for twenty-one years but in some manner was turned loose. Bob was once of Merced's most promising young men, but fate has been against him and yet he is lucky to be alive.

Contributed by: Carol Lackey