Merced Sun Star

Dec 20, 1928


Six human skeletons, believed to be Chinese, were uncovered by workman in excavating at the Henry COWELL Lime & Cement company property near Hopeton on the Merced river yesterday. A $10 gold piece dated 1852 was also found by one of the workman.

Sheriff W. T. WHITE was notified and with M. M. MORSE, deputy sheriff, and Coroner C. E. WELCH, investigated late yesterday.

The bodies were in a row and Coroner WELCH believes the men had uncovered a Chinese cemetery.

He instructed L. B. HUGHES, foreman in charge of the crew, to bury them again a few feet from where they had been uncovered.

Leveling and excavating for ditches on the COWELL ranch is for the improvement of the land for ten dairy units. There are approximately 2000 acres of the Cowell land along the Merced river bottom which is now under extensive improvement.